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20th-Dec-2006 10:44 pm - And so it begins...
(OOC: this is a continuation from the previous post because it was starting to get crowded. And Brent told me to make a new post. o.O)

Keaira nodded to Icthus, determination now very obvious in her eyes. "Right. Be careful," she replied softly. She allowed her eyes to fall on to Mortimus for a moment before her eyes pulled away from where he stood and landed on the two bandits, whoever they really were. She turned toward the front door, only to see that it was burning...from the outside? The wood was starting to disappear, and she could start to see the other side of the door.

This wasn't good; growling under her breath, she raised her left hand up, curling her fingers so that her hand was almost in a fist. She began pulling in on her fire magic as her anger began to build up. Attack the temple and her friends, would they? Pft. She turned on her heel toward where the male bandit stood. A smile came to her lips as she raised her hand up a bit more. She opened her hand up to see a ball of fire beginning to form. It was small at the moment, but the more anger and energy she put in to it, the bigger it would become. Finally it became a decent size, barely any bigger than her own hand, and she threw it toward the male beggar. She wasn't waiting any more, and it was time to stop messing around. She was done playing their game.
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