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And so it begins... 
20th-Dec-2006 10:44 pm
(OOC: this is a continuation from the previous post because it was starting to get crowded. And Brent told me to make a new post. o.O)

Keaira nodded to Icthus, determination now very obvious in her eyes. "Right. Be careful," she replied softly. She allowed her eyes to fall on to Mortimus for a moment before her eyes pulled away from where he stood and landed on the two bandits, whoever they really were. She turned toward the front door, only to see that it was burning...from the outside? The wood was starting to disappear, and she could start to see the other side of the door.

This wasn't good; growling under her breath, she raised her left hand up, curling her fingers so that her hand was almost in a fist. She began pulling in on her fire magic as her anger began to build up. Attack the temple and her friends, would they? Pft. She turned on her heel toward where the male bandit stood. A smile came to her lips as she raised her hand up a bit more. She opened her hand up to see a ball of fire beginning to form. It was small at the moment, but the more anger and energy she put in to it, the bigger it would become. Finally it became a decent size, barely any bigger than her own hand, and she threw it toward the male beggar. She wasn't waiting any more, and it was time to stop messing around. She was done playing their game.
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21st-Dec-2006 04:38 am (UTC) - Re: Daine and Grace
Keaira looked up as suddenly the female beggar came around to her side and slammed the hilt of one of her blades in to her lower back. "AH!" she cried, gritting her teeth and sending a glare to the girl who was now moving around to her other side. She closed her hand in to a fist and the energy that she had used to put in to the fire ball disappeared, at least for the moment.

"Oh, I'll do more than that," Keaira sneered angrily, pulling the sword that hung from the belt around her waist- the sword that Mortimus had given her not that long ago- from where it hung in its sheath and held it in her left hand. Damn, where was her staff when she needed it? She'd have to live without it for the moment and rely on what little Mortimus had been able to teach her. "Don't play with fire, bounty hunter. You might get hurt."

It was with that that she began calling upon more energy, but unfortunately it was taking too long to build up enough energy for a big enough fire ball. Because she had taken too long, she hadn't anticipated the oncoming attack from the bounty hunter. She was too late to do anything before she found the sharp tip of a dagger going along the top of her shoulder to her collar bone. She cried out again in pain, gritting her teeth once more. She pulled back after the dagger was away from her, glancing down at the long, bloody cut she now had before flinging her hand in the bounty hunter's direction, sending the fire ball she'd managed to conjure in her direction. If it hit the bounty hunter, it would only singe a tiny bit, since there wasn't enough magical energy put in to it to do any major damage. Immediately, she started working another fire ball as she slid her sword in to its sheath again. She then began working on another fire ball with the other hand, hoping that they'd grow stronger in enough time so that she could grab her sword if she needed to.
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21st-Dec-2006 05:40 am (UTC) - Re: Daine and Grace
Keaira's dark eyes lifted up to look at the bounty hunter, wincing slightly from her shoulder. Damned bounty hunter...she glanced down quickly at the fire balls that had formed in her hands and knew she couldn't handle the bounty hunter and try to control the fire balls at the same time. The hunter had all ready cut her, and if she tried handling the fire balls and the hunter at the same time, she'd be hurt even worse. She put both of her hands in to fists, making the fire balls disappear quickly.

She had done so just in time; it was then that she found the hunter running toward her. She was too quick for Kea to bring her sword out of its sheath. Just as the girl brought her foot up, Keaira attempted to grab the foot and twist it, hoping to make the hunter twist and fall to the ground. If she did, she would quickly grab her sword from its sheath and bring it to the girl's neck as she would roll on to her back. If she didn't, she would use the quick moment where the hunter would be turned away from her to drop the foot and bring her blade out of its sheath, bringing it up to block any on comming attack she knew would be coming as soon as the bounty hunter would have the chance.

"Who said anything about defeating me? A cut is hardly defeat," Keaira said, trying to keep herself from smirking.
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21st-Dec-2006 11:32 pm (UTC) - Re: Daine and Grace
Keaira smirked, "I may be new to sword fighting but I'm not new to using magic. Far from it, in fact," she said. She watched as the girl brought her daggers to both sides, lifting her blade off of her neck and moving out from under it. Her blade came back up in front of her, attempting to make a strike at the bounty hunter. She began pulling in on her magic, building up energy to create one more fire ball in her free hand. She glanced at it quickly before sending it toward the hunter. She knew that while the bounty hunter was strong in fighting abilities, she was stronger in magic, and that was her advantage in this duel.
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23rd-Dec-2006 07:09 am (UTC) - Re: Of course you should fight fire with fire...
Keaira allowed a small grin to show on her face when the fire ball hit the mage and singed her pretty good. Suddenly, though, her eyes went wide with fear when the bounty hunter sent a dagger toward her chest. She quickly jumped out of the way, barely missing the blade of the dagger. The blade managed to cut her other shoulder, giving it a long cut as it yanked at her skin and flew behind her in to a wall. She cried out in pain, gritting her teeth. She knew that she couldn't keep fighting this girl any more. Her shirt was blood stained because of the first wound, and she was losing a good amount of blood. Pulling in on more energy once more, she opened her hand up to reveal one more fire ball, sending it toward the bounty hunter before making a run for it down the hall.

Eventually she caught up to where she found someone laying in the hall and frowned when she realized it was Icthus. "Icthus? What happened?" she ran toward him and bent down next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder as she looked down at him, concerned. Though it wasn't her who should've been concerned with him- quite the opposite, thanks to that damned bounty hunter.
8th-Jan-2007 08:46 am (UTC) - Re: Of course you should fight fire with fire...
(On my way to bed, but the nagging is getting to me. :-p)

The spell left his arms as limp as rope, except for the erratic twitching as the energy slowly sapped back into him - not fast enough. Maybe he'd overdone it. The magnitude of the spell demanded prudence in its execution; even the most powerful of mages had to be exceedingly careful when dipping into manipulating the elements in such a way.

He managed a weak smile as Kea drew up on him. "Nothing," he said, not wanting to waste time now. "I'll tell you later. How are we holding out?" Concern etched his features. "What happened to you?"
8th-Jan-2007 05:50 pm (UTC) - Re: Of course you should fight fire with fire...
Keaira returned the weak smile, "Oh, nothing, I just got in to a fight with one of the bounty hunters. The female one, actually." She tried to sound as innocent as possible. "Neither myself or the bounty hunter really won, so that's a relief. I'm not sure how they're doing...I left as soon as I could get away from the hunter. Where's Mortimus?" She winced a bit in pain from her wounds, especially the newer one she'd gotten. When she asked about Mortimus, she almost sounded a bit anxious, but she didn't want to sound too anxious to find him.
9th-Jan-2007 02:13 am (UTC) - Re: Of course you should fight fire with fire...
He gestured vaguely. "Somewhere. Lobbing his little arrows out at the king's soldiers. If we don't oust these merc soon and turn our attentions to the threat out there..." He shook his head sorrowfully. "It will only be a matter of time until they overrun us." Drawing a deep breath, he hoisted himself to his feet using the wall to stabilize his balance.

Slowly edging his way to rest on shaking legs, he finally managed to return to his upright position. "We must do what we can to evacuate those who can fight for themselves. With luck, they will survive and carry on our dream."
9th-Jan-2007 06:21 am (UTC) - Re: Of course you should fight fire with fire...
Keaira frowned, "Icthus, don't talk like that," she said. "We'll get through this. You have to be strong so that the others can be strong." She moved to stand up slowly and suddenly felt a wave of dizzyness. "Woah..." She shook her head, wondering what that was about. She started walking back in the direction where the mages were, but suddenly she felt as though something were tightening around her throat. She stopped and turned toward Icthus. "Icthus, I..." Suddenly it became tighter, and she fell to the ground, her eyes closed, and she fell in to unconciousness.

(Okay. All you have to do is get her back to where the other mages are, and then have Icthus lose air, too...and get Mortimus there as well...and have him lose air...and then Brent can finally reply. Just make a massive post with Mortimus and Icthus doing all that so that Brent can do his thing.)
21st-Dec-2006 04:21 am (UTC) - Of course you should fight fire with fire...
The hair on the back of his neck stood up as magic formed around him. It was a familiar feeling and one he relished in. So, the ruse was over. He was wondering how long it would take for the hunters to make their appearance. None the less, this wasn’t the time to be dwelling on such things. Time seemed to slow down for Val as the balls of flame were hurled his direction. His eyes took the time to analyze the situation, noting Daine’s entrance before he began a spell of his own.

The dirt and dust at his feet sped in a circle as the wind picked up in the temple. His hands were wrapped in a ghostly aura, as though fog had begun to circle around them. Kea’s flame came first, though the gypsy was closer, and created an air tunnel. The small channel caught the fire easily, and rotated it faster before launching it towards Grace with increased speed and power.

A sinister grin lifted on Val’s lips and he spoke with a different voice, completely removing the guise of beggar and becoming the First Advisor, “Oh,” he said wickedly, “We’ll play, little gypsy, we’ll play.”

The two spouts of flame that targeted him were caught, one in each hand, the air around them dissipating the heat and keeping him unburned. With a practiced precision, he folded the fire into the dirt that had kicked up around him and created a sphere of molten rock. Again, he spun the ball around, increasing its rotation and manipulating it’s speed to keep the heat and power it inherently possessed.

The molten jet flew from his finger tips at a much higher speed than he had caught it with. “You wanted to play with fire, gypsy. “ he declared sardonically. “Tell me what you think.”
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21st-Dec-2006 04:54 am (UTC) - Re: Of course you should fight fire with fire...
Noticeably, the lava was too much for the fire mage to handle, and the knowledge made Val’s smirk grow larger. His body shifted slightly as she came closer, taking a second to direct his attention. The flame she had started on his shirt was minor, and he was protected by the earthen armor he wore tucked against his skin. Clothing was useful for its purpose, but was not his only form of protection. Still he thought he’d give her hope.
Though he could have put out the spark with a simple blast of air, he decided to let it grow, feigning panic at the rapid rise of heat on his shirt. The fire began moving upwards, smoking as it consumed the cloth he wore. He began to pat frantically at the flames, his eyes growing wide in mock terror and it wasn’t long before the fire eased to destroy the clothing he wore on his torso. His screams seemed real, and though he didn’t fall, the dread in his voice was palpable.

That, of course was before he started laughing. The fire died out as it ran out of material to consume, his own powers keeping it from incinerating his hair, and he stood tall, the sand and dirt that had hardened falling away from his body to almost instantly being replaced with more. “Nice try.”

His arms came forward suddenly, the mist around his hands forming near visible blades protruding from his knuckles. “Well then, I guess that makes it my turn.”

His body moved forward swiftly, striking with the precision of a someone who had trained many years in martial combat. His left struck first, with a body blow that, should it connect, would possibly rip the muscle from the right side of her abdomen. His right hand shot forward to her head, slightly to her left in case she moved that to avoid the blow to her stomach. Should either strike be blocked, he had a spell that would enlarge the size of the blades on his knuckles, extending them to reach her.
21st-Dec-2006 05:05 am (UTC)
Liluael heard the sounds of struggle from elsewhere in the Temple. She had but to guess at what was happening. She took off running down the stone halls, towards the sounds. She passed by a small window, one of the few in the Temple, but as she did a flaming arrow flew in and landed harmlessly in the ground infront of her. She stopped dead, her head slowly turning to the window. Who was out there? Slowly, she stepped forward and peered out. Visably hidden among the trees were numerous bounty hunters- hired heads aiming their bows and lighting their arrows. But there was more- the billowing of a silken banner and the glint of silvery armor.

Liluael stepped back immediately from the window in horror.

"Gods..." she whispered, "The King."

Again she took off down the hall, this time faster and with more purpose. The first thing she came across was Grace and the male beggar engaged in some violent game. They were more playing with eachother than fighting.

Liluael felt the adreniline rush surge through her and her own normally gentle tempered flared. She lifted her hands towards the ceiling and a strong wind began to blow. Her long golden hair swirled around her in the current and her feet lifted a foot or so off the ground. With a powerful motion she pushed her hands forward towards the beggar- who she know knew to be no beggar at all- directing the gale towards him.

"This isn't a game, Grace!" She shouted at the fire mage. "The King is outside! We are surrounded!"


Malfalcone spurred his horse into a trot. He went back and forth behind the bounty hunter lines, watching at they fired into the Temple. The door was now most definitely on fire and he doubted it would stand for long. Once it was down he could order his troops inside. Even if the mages were powerful, they wouldn't last long against his superior numbers.

"Lieutenant," he called back and a young man rode up.

"Yes, Your Majesty?"

"Get the men on the ready. After the door falls, we ride in on my order."

The lieutenant saluted and returned to his ranks. Now it was only a matter of time. If he listened carefully, he could hear a struggle inside the Temple walls. Perhaps Valadar wasn't doing his job as poorly as he had suspected.
22nd-Dec-2006 09:15 am (UTC)
Icthus cursed as the fighting broke out; the element of surprise had abandoned them, it seemed. If it had been with them at all. The false beggars apparently had been quite prepared, even expectant, of some sort of conflict. He thought it oddly coincidental that they had come armed to the teeth, and peculiar that they had thought to engage them with traditional weapons. Maybe the male, a mage, it would seem, had given them a boost of confidence.

Or perhaps...

"The King is outside!" Lil shouted. "We are surrounded."

Caught in the middle of unleashing a torrent of fire on the female, Icthus was suddenly gripped with realization: these beggars were part of the mercenaries, sent to kill them! But so much more - they had come to infiltrate the temple and distract the mages inside while Malfalcone came in and butchered them! He cursed once more, this time damning his own blindness. He should have known Malfalcone would try something underhanded like this.

He checked, making sure the women had this under control - Kea was battling with the mage-man while Grace dealt with his female companion - before sliding out of the room and up the stairs. He tapped Mortimus on the shoulder before ascending, indicating that the ranger should follow. Mortimus, his bow drawn tight as he aimed it at one of the offenders while trying to avoid Grace or Kea, cast an uneasy look into the fray. Finally, he let the string go slack as he ran up the stairs after Icthus.

"Try to hold them off," Icthus commanded. "Shoot out of one of the windows while I go up top." Mortimus nodded as he ran to one of the slits. Drawing the bow tight once more, he unleashed an arrow. A satisfying cry rang in the night as the arrow struck its target. Without pausing, Mortimus reached for another arrow in his quiver. Leaving the hunter to his task, Icthus climbed up further into the temple.

Finally, he found himself at the apex of the pyramid-like temple to the war-god where he looked out over the plains. The moonlight caught on numerous buts of armor, but what stood out was the flaming legions of fire arrows, primed to be let loose into the temple. Icthus growled. Somewhere out there, no doubt near the rear of the line (the coward), his brother lurked. Hatred burned within him; he reached into his mind, recalling his most powerful spells. Raising his hands to the sky, he began a low chant.

The clouds swirled and a red orb appeared in front of him. It gathered energy as Icthus, now levitating slightly, reached deep into his power. Finally, with a cry, the red orb shot into the clouds. All was silent for a moment, then shower of flaming rocks flew from the sky. Cries echoed down below as the fire spread among the collected hunters. (Note: for GW nerds, this is Meteor Shower. :-D For Mal's forces, don't worry - it still causes exhaustion. ;-))

With a sigh, he returned to the temple, suddenly feeling very weak. The enemy was scattering, but many of the archers were caught up in the rain of fire. While he managed to take down a number of soldiers as well, he noted with dismay that most of these were beyond the range of the flaming rocks.

Before long, arrows whizzed past him. He lobbed a few spells at them before descending once more into the temple. Here, he gasped in mouthfuls of air, collapsing to the floor. He needed to regain his energy before he could try any other tricks.

(Fortunately, he has +4 energy regen. :-D)
23rd-Dec-2006 03:13 pm (UTC) - still don't have a Malfalcone icon
The bounty hunters began to retreat, several of them being crushed by the rocks as they fell. One or two of his own soldiers fell to them, causing his troops to shift uncomfortably and look wildly around themselves for some route of escape. Malfalcone anticipated them, though.

He drew his sword, raised it, and spurring his horse he raced across the front of their lines.

"Any man leaving his ranks will be considered a deserter and will meet justice by my own sword! You are soldiers of Remon. Hold your position." He shouted at the, furiously. The soldiers immediately responded by quieting their horses and sitting rigidly still as the rocks falling began to decrease in size and number. They were out of range by this point, anyway.

But the bounty hunters weren't and they had set to flight and were running now towards the lines of soldiers- or rather, the escape route behind them. But Malfalcone would not have this, either. He rode forward now, directly into the range of the rocks and towards the bounty hunters. His horse reared before the hunters and the King began to shout at them as well.

"Remon's gold will not be spent on cowards! All of you are currently paid paid servants of the kingdom and you will preform your duties or not see one copper."

That was enough for them. Malfalcone had taken care to hire the greediest bounty hunters he could find and the ploy had worked. There wasn't anything these hunters wouldn't do for money, most would kill their own mother for it. So, with the promise of gold hung above their heads, they turned back. The meteor shower was stopping by now and they continued on their attack. Malfalcone, satisfied by quelling the uprisings and now having some adrenalin in his viens, trotted back to his lines.
23rd-Dec-2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
((Guess this is as good a time as any. Sorry Brit, Grace is going down. I won’t auto, because I’m nice (and not n00bish), but if you would please. Kevin is raining fire on my people, so I have to get this over with. Heh heh.))

Again, the familiar tingle of magic raised an alarm in his head. While he was dealing with Grace, he had not expected the quiet mage to unleash her own spells against him. Fortunately, she was also a wind mage, and if there was anything that Val was familiar with, it was the flow of air. Liquidly, his body dropped to the floor, his right knee bent and his left stuck straight out, with both hands on the floor. The blow Grace had aimed for his head swung harmlessly over him, while the strike to his ankle was caught against his shin. That strike didn’t hurt so much as annoy him, as he was already braced against the ground.

As the gust of wind from Lil came his direction, Val began to form the air around him. He created an incline around himself to allow the wind to pass over him without interrupting his actions, but focused his own power into the gale in order to drive Grace back. Without pause, he pushed himself back, gaining distance from the fire mage in order to complete the preparations of a spell he had already begun.

The mist around him solidified, forming a sphere that rose from the ground. He stood in the center, twisting his arms in broad, circular movements. The wind around the sphere picked up, spinning violently in response to Valadar’s spell weaving. Carefully, he drew the air from the temple into the sphere he had created, manipulating it so that the radius around the temple was rapidly losing anything remotely worth breathing. The effect wasn’t immediately noticeable, though the fires that had been started were quickly losing their flare, fading into embers, then slowly losing heat.

Presently, the spell began to work for itself, the motions Val had employed allowing the air to continue moving without Val’s tender ministrations. Now he simply watched and waited, as it was only a matter of time before those around him began to feel the effects of not having air to breathe.
10th-Jan-2007 12:47 am (UTC)
He would not be casting spells for a while, he knew that much. He cursed his lack of foresight as he tried to shuffle away. Kea lay on the ground, breathing deeply as though sleeping. But he recognized the signs - she had fallen unconscious from lack of air. He growled to himself as the atmosphere around him closed in. Their last hope for outsmarting the enemy - allowing the ones unable to fight a chance to escape - had just failed. Now, all they could do was face their capture and hope for a chance to escape. It was quite a predicament they found themselves in, to be sure. He only hoped he would be cunning enough to get them out of it.

At the very least, he would try to make it difficult for them to get him, if only to inconvenience his dastardly brother. Trained in the arts of the mesmer as well as that of the elementalist mage, he had a small array of spells that would serve to help make trouble for the soldiers. Murmuring so as to conserve precious air, he cast illusionary enchantments around him. The soldiers would miss him with the casual eye sweep they were prone to, but it would only be a matter of time until one either looked closely enough to see him - he couldn't conjure the energy required to maintain a more powerful illusion - or stumble over him. He sincerely hoped it was the latter.

The last of his energy washing away, he felt darkness take control. With a grim smile, he closed his eyes and slumped to the floor, awaiting his capture and destiny...

--- ---

With a loud *twang*, the arrow shot from the bowstring. An advancing soldier, mounting a crater caused by the impact of the great meteors, stumbled with a cry and fell headlong into the pit. Smiling grimly, Mortims notched another arrow to the string. *Twang*. A mercenary crumpled in place, hand clutching at a wound in the stomach. *Twang*. Each heralded demise for another of the villains as the made a steady march on the temple.

Suddenly, before he could let loose another volley, he felt the air in his lungs come with greater difficulty. [i]Some sorcery, no doubt,[/i] he thought moodily. [i]Then Icthus and the others have been defeated.[/i] Conscious of his new limits, those imposed by the lack of air, he turned from the slit window and hastily beat a retreat to a higher level. Light-headed as he was becoming, he needed to get to higher ground to better formulate his plan of action.

Once he had climbed a few flights of stairs - a feat that left him gasping for breath in the unnaturally thin air - he looked around. For the most part, the temple corridors were quite open, unsuitable for hiding in. A place this old must hold some secrets of its own, but he had not the time to find them now. Instead, he would have to make do.

Viciously aware of his rapidly deteriorating situation, he found a small niche formed by the partial collapse of one of the ancient walls. Shrugging to himself, he lay his bow down and thrust it into the hole before following shortly thereafter.

Unconsciousness slipped over him just as he was satisfied; with luck, they would miss him. As he possessed no magical talent, it was unlikely that one of the king's magic-users would find him. Resigning himself to whatever fate held in store, he closed his eyes and began his wait.

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