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25th-Jan-2007 10:51 pm
Edward and Bella

Mal turned his dark eyes towards the building, and with a small jerk of his head the soldiers rushed forward, past him as if he were nothing but a tree. After the last of the mercenaries had sprinted past him, he turned to see the door had been forced open. There were hardly any yells inside, so he assumed his trusted advisor had done his job well. So this little check up had been slightly unnecessary. Then again, he would never pass up the opportunity to see mages bested. Magic wasn’t everything. He slowly walked forward, his boots crunching twigs and dried leaves. He leisurely made his way up to the splintered door, and gazed inside, a certain triumph in his eyes. Bodies lay about the floor. Not dead bodies, no, unconscious bodies. Dead would be later, after the torture.

His glinting eyes swiftly moved over to where he saw his trusted advisor, one of the conscious members in the temple. The mercenaries were tying mages together with ropes and pushing them onto their backs. Mal’s calloused hand went to rest along the pommel of his blade as he surveyed the damage. He wasn’t looking at the mages on the floor, no, he was looking for one very special mage. His brother.

“Icthus…” He whispered to the mages on the floor, almost taunting him to come out. Had his brother been among the mages that had fainted, or had he been one of the few still fighting for those last few breaths. After looking around and finding nothing, he once more turned his attention to the mercenaries and Val.

“Get the mages out. I want them all. Not a single body will be left here. If I find any of you have become soft of heart, you’ll be tied up like a hog and thrown into the dungeons.” His voice was friendly, but something beneath that friendly tone was dark.
26th-Jan-2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
(Uh, so there'll be some NPCs dragging bodies and what-not. Technically that's autoing, but whatever.)

Inside the Temple
Three guards had found where Icthus and Keaira were laying. It hadn't taken long for them to search and find more mages that weren't wth the rest of them. One beant down and began tying Keaira's hands behind her back, making sure the rope was tight.

"Gimme some help with these two," said one of the guards, "and make sure you check them for any weapons." Following orders, the other two guards took Keaira's sword, and checked her belt for any other weapons. Finding none, they moved to Icthus's body, taking any of his weapons as well. They then began dragging their bodies back to the entrance of the temple, throwing the weapons in to a pile that the other guards had gathered. Once the weaopons were collected, the doors were opened and the bodies were dragged outside.

One guard went up the stairs of the temple and eventually found Mortimus's body. It was obvious by the weapons he carried that he was a bounty hunter. So what was a bounty hunter doing in the temple? Was this man a traitor? This guard would take great pleasure in telling the king that not only had they gathered all of the mages, but they had found a possible bounty hunter traitor. It was too perfect. And so, he began tieing the hands of the bounty hunter behind his back and dragged him down the stairs and outside, not knowing for sure whether or not this hunter had just gotten inside the temple and had been effected by whatever the king's advisor had done to them. He figured that tieing his hands were harmless, where as doing that and taking his weapons away would put his own head on a stick.

Outside the Temple
Slowly the guards began pulling the bodies of the mages in to a pile, and they all circled around the bodies, taking their swords out of their sheaths on their belts and pointing the weapons at them. They knew that the mages could wake up at any moment, and they needed to be ready.

Two guards had stayed out of the circle so they could go back in to the temple and gather the weapons. They brought the heavy weapons outside and put them in a pile, spraying dirt as the weapons dropped to the ground.

"Your Majesty," one guard said with a bow of his head. "All of the mages have been collected. These weapons belong to them."

The guard who dragged Mortimus's body then came out and two guards moved to the side so that Mortimus's body could be put in the pile of mages.

Keaira was laying unconcious in the pile of unconcious mages. She was slowly coming out of that unconciousness, and the first thing she felt was her head hurting. The second thing she'd felt was a different type of ground beneath her. Instead of a floor, it was dirt. Her body had been moved, and whoever had moved her had put her down hard on to the ground, thus her hurting head. As she came out of the unconciousness, she was finally able to open her eyes, and the first thing she did was gasp for breath, taking in the fresh air. She looked around frantically. She was definitely outside. She turned her head to her right and saw Mortimus there. She started to say something but saw the swords pointed in their direction and slowly sat up, eyeing the swords. This wasn't good.
28th-Jan-2007 07:09 am (UTC)
He awoke with a short spasm. His eyes flared open, almost as though they'd never been out. He bat his lids, groaning softly; his head still felt light from the lack of oxygen. The cool dirt brushed against his cheek. Why dirt? he thought perplexed. Alarmed, he inclined his head upward cautiously. He saw a pair of armored soldiers, silver plate mail glistening in a camp fire. Nearby, a standard flew bearing the silver falcon on a black field that Malfalcone had adopted as his sigil upon taking the throne.

By the gods, he cursed. If there is any worse luck to be had... So those beggars, as he'd feared, were agents of his brother. And now they were all captives. Damnable fates.

He saw Malfalcone striding down the line, smug face smirking with delight. Even after all these years, he still was the same hateful man he'd always been. But in such a state, he could not hope to call on magic. Likely the king's sorcerer, the one who'd downed them all in the temple, would keep it that way. He resigned himself to fate, grimacing. Mercy permitting, it would be kind. He did not expect that.
(Deleted comment)
28th-Jan-2007 11:18 pm (UTC)
"Quiet," he hushed. "Don't bring their attention on us." A soldier nearby halted a moment, looking lightly over his shoulder curiously. Icthus held his breath, staring at the enemy. He imbued a touch of magic into his stare. A cloud passed the man's face and he shook a bit in place before shaking his head and stalking off.

He breathed out. "I'm glad you're safe, Grace. At least as safe as any of us. Do you happen to know where they took Kea?"
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(Deleted comment)
28th-Jan-2007 08:41 am (UTC)
Mortimus screamed; it came out a low gurgle.

The water-saturated cloth draped over his face was pressing inward; the water felt as though it were gushing inside, filling his lungs and halting his breath I'm drowning, he thought to himself; he tried to shout it, but to no avail.

The cloth was ripped away, leaving him panting and twitching. "Dog," the soldier spat. "You're less than nothing; be merciful that His Grace has allowed you to live." A hand slapped across his face, trailing blood (they had, after all, been none to gentle in the earlier beating).

He sat shackled to a log, stripped of his garments. The soldiers had laughed at him and spit, taking turns beating him. They had resorted the water torture several times. It almost seemed as though they weren't after any sort of information; they just wanted to enjoy his pain. They had done nearly everything in their power to break him since dragging him from the line. Blood now dripped from the corners of his mouth and the various parts of his torso that they had jabbed open with his own rapier.

The beggar had instantly pointed out that Mortimus was no mage. From that point on, the king's soldiers had exacted every sort of torture readily available. Except...

The hot brand hovered in front of his face. His eyes went wide as he stared it down. The soldier grinned. "Now, maybe you'll talk," he growled. Mortimus groaned incoherently in response. "What was that?"

"I said, I can't talk if you won't ask me a question."

The fist broke against his face again, sending him sprawling to the ground. He moaned as the shackled dug into his wrists. He faded back into unconsciousness; the last thing he remembered was muttering Kea's name over and over again...


Malfalcone strode the line with his personal guard, glaring each of the mages down cruelly. "I'm looking for the one called Kea," he called darkly. "If you fail to step forward, we will begin executing mages until you agree to comply."

No one moved. He grunted and signaled to his men. They grabbed a random mage from the line and thrust him to the ground. Hefting their halberds, they prepared to hew the man in two, until a cry rose from the line.

"Stay your hands," the king ordered. He looked up to see a woman with fiery hair. Something about her appeared very...familiar...Malfalcone strode toward her. Leanining in, he took a good look. "It can't be," he muttered. But it was...living proof.

"Guards," he called, "take this one away. I'll question her...myself."

(Scintillating; so the first question should be probably about Icthus. Have fun. :-D)
29th-Jan-2007 12:55 am (UTC)
Before Keaira could say anything to Mortimus, she watched in fear as he was suddenly grabbed and taken away out of the group. She stood slowly as the other mages stood, her hands still tied behind her back. She watched as the King walked along the line of mages, her gaze following where he walked and landing on him when he stopped. She had managed to move far enough in to the back of the small group that she could still watch what was going on. At least, that was until she saw one of the mages get grabbed and thrown to the ground. She listened to the king's words and swallowed hard. How would he know her name?

"Don't do it, Keaira," one mage whispered from behind.

"I have to. We'll all be killed if I don't," she whispered back. She slowly moved up to the front, and stopped with her heart racing when she felt the king's eyes on her. Her gaze was fierce as she moved her eyes to look up at him, no visible emotion showing. She frowned a bit when she heard his muttered words, wondering what he was talking about as he leaned in toward her. She found herself unable to break his gaze, and her heart pounded fast in her chest.

The king spoke again, and two guards came to her sides, taking her by the arms and pulling her away from the group of mages and in to a nearby clearing. She winced as the guards roughly pulled her in to the clearing from her wounds. The guards stood with her in the middle of the clearing, waiting for the King to speak and give them a command.

Malfalcone strode in to the clearing, walking all high and mighty, and walked toward Keaira. Keaira swallowed hard as he walked toward her and stopped only a few feet away.

"Now, young one...this doesn't have to be painful. Just tell me what you know about your leader and his magic abilities, and you won't be hurt," the king said.

Keaira shook her head slowly, a defiant look in her eyes. "I'll tell you nothing," she sneered. The words were out of her mouth before she could stop herself, and she didn't know what to expect next.

(I have no ideas for any interrogation methods, so, uh, help a bit? Just get it going and I can probably come up with another method. Or maybe not. I'm thinking an improvised version of the machine in The Princess Bride could be interesting. No clue how you would do that, though. XD)
29th-Jan-2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
(There is no way that thing would actually work. :-p Besides, Mal strikes me as a bit more subtle, granted not by much - perhaps a little psychological prodding is in order.)

Malfalcone ordered her dragged to the clearing where his men were torturing that obscure mercenary - at least, Val had indicated him to be a mercenary. She appeared curious and apprehensive as they moved, at least until they finally found the man.

He was pleased, at least, to note that the mercenary's clothing had been returned. Other than that, his condition hadn't improved much. Now he lay sprawled on the ground, his feet tied fast to a large rock and his hands tied to the haunches of a horse. A pair of soldiers lorded over him, grinning and heckling; one clasped a red-hot iron.

"This is the man who gave up your name," he informed her coldly. "I thought you might like the opportunity to repay the favor. Anything that happens to him from here on out is entirely your responsibility, am I understood? His life and death are in your hands, to with as you see fit. Cooperate, and he lives. Refuse, and my men have their fun with him. Refuse too adamantly and, well..." He cast a sorrowful look at the horse. "I think you get the idea."

He let his words sink in before he demanded, "Now, once again - you will tell me everything you know about the mysterious head of Osia and his prowess."
30th-Jan-2007 01:29 am (UTC)
Keaira looked around the clearing, frowning slightly. Why were they taking her here, away from the others?

It was then that she saw the horse, and the rock, and someone laying between the two. It took her a moment to realize who it was that was laying there with their feet tied to the rock. Mortimus... she thought. She wanted to run to him and free him, but she knew she was as good as dead if she even tried. She looked up at the king as he spoke, and it was like the words went in one ear and out the other.

"I..." her voice was a hoarse whisper as she stared at Mortimus. If she told the king anything, she would be dooming herself, Mortimus, and Icthus. If she outright refused, they would kill Mortimus.

"Yes?" the king said, perking an eyebrow slightly as Keaira responded.

She swallowed hard, looking up at the king for a moment before looking away. How could she choose between the man she...had feelings for and her friends? Her brother? She had to think; had to try and come up with something to say, lie about it, and not reveal that she was lying.

"I...I don't know a lot about him," she started. "Only that he's a fire mage. He keeps to himself about his personal life," she said. Stars, she hoped this wouldn't get her or Mortimus- or any of the others- killed. She moved her gaze back to where Mortimus was, swallowing hard. She kept a straight face, not wanting to lead the king or his men on to the fact that she was lying.
1st-Feb-2007 01:18 am (UTC)
Icthus ran through the brush, trying his best to keep the noise to a minimum; he was limber enough, and his minor air magic proficiency allowed him to calm his breathing, but it was still an iffy process. With nearly half the king's army after him (likely less in reality; Malfalcone had only brought along a few units of his military), caution took second priority to simply surviving.

He heard shouts and steel ringing; a commotion from the camp; men running in all directions; furious cries of officers trying to organize their soldiers. It appeared that chaos had erupted.

He stumbled along, confidence growing the further he got. He heard a branch snap nearby, but paid no mind. Probably, it was just an animal of some sort, or...

...Mortimus Jade stood before him, and he was not alone. Two of the soldiers stood behind him. The mercenary had his bow drawn, an arrow nearly poking Icthus in the eye. Anger boiled in him. "Why, you double-crossing..."

The hunter silenced him with a quick smile and a jerk of his head. Curious, Icthus watched as the soldiers drew their swords, going not for him but for the mercenary. With a twinkle in his eye, Mortimus nodded quickly. The he spun about and loosed the arrow in one soldier's chest. At such a close range, the armor did little more than slow the arrow down. Choking, the man fell backward as Mortimus dropped the bow and drew his rapier, plunging it into the other's gut.

It was over as soon as it had begun, the tow dead men lying bleeding in the foliage. "Surprised?" Mortimus asked jovially.

"I admit I'd thought you'd sold me out for a moment," Icthus replied.

"I'm too far beyond that now." He sheathed the rapier and reclaimed his bow. "I knew they were going to try to kill me, and that settled it. Besides," he added, almost hesitantly. Drawing a deep breath, he continued, "I am in love with your sister. There, I've said it, take it for what it's worth. Betraying the mages - betraying her - would be as bad as betraying myself."

The news did not come as a surprise; the two of them had always seemed particularly comfortable with each other. It was still a shock, but it did not anger him as it might have once. Instead, he smiled a little and nodded. "Then we have a common stake. Friend."

Mortimus smiled back. "Then let's make sure we both live long enough to see her again." He was about to start moving, when his eyes shot wide and he notched an arrow to his bow and released. The shaft flew a mere few centimeters from Icthus' ear - he could hear it whistle past - and struck with a thud. Turning, Icthus saw a soldier fall and another raise his sword to cleave the mage's head in two. Thrusting out his hands, he sent bolts of fire into the man's skull. Steam rose from the soldier's ears as he tumbled backwards, sword clanging uselessly on the ground.

"Lucky," Mortimus said, then winced.

"You alright?" Icthus asked, concerned.

Mortimus managed a weak grin. "Malfalcone was none too gentle in his...interrogation methods. Seems he wanted to keep me mostly intact, though. We can deal with that later. For now, we need to move."

Nodding, Icthus followed him through the underbrush, looking for Kea and the other mages.
1st-Feb-2007 02:45 am (UTC)
(I'm going to auto a SMALL little bit, only because I'm not really sure where Mortimus and Icthus are at the moment o.O)

Panic began to overwhelm Keaira. She'd looked all around the clearing for Mortimus, and found nothing. She ran in to another clearing, and found nothing. "Damn it," she cursed. She ran out of the clearing and back to where the other mages were, looking around frantically. She ran to one of the mages, who had just killed a guard with a fire ball.

"Did Grace say where Icthus went?" she asked frantically.

The mage nodded, "I heard them talking. He made a run for it and went that way," he said, pointing in the direction of the forest.

Keaira said nothing further, just ran in that direction as fast as she could. Her wounds hurt from all of the running and the way the guards had pushed her around. She looked around frantically for either of them. She began walking quickly through the forest and came in to another clearing. She heard something behind her and turned around, ready to be shot dead by one of the king's guards, but was surprised when she saw both Mortimus and Icthus there. She stopped, staring at the two of them.

"Icthus...Mortimus..." she whispered, tears beginning to form in her eyes. They were both alive, and Mortimus...he wasn't dead. The king hadn't killed him...and Icthus was all right. Icthus...how was she going to tell him? When? She would have to do it as soon as possible. The two men she loved- both very different love, of course- were both alive, and that was all that mattered to her at that very moment.
2nd-Feb-2007 10:32 pm (UTC)
(Oh, that's me...Hehe, sorry. ^_^)

Relief flooded into him. He grinned wryly. "Well, looks like our long search is over," he remarked to Mortimus; the hunter smiled back. Icthus took Kea in a fierce hug. "I was worried," he whispered to her. "I thought they might use you to try and get to me. Thank the gods you're safe."

(Short and sweet for now. Don't have much to do.)
2nd-Feb-2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
Keaira hugged her brother back, trying to hold back her wince as Icthus hugged her tightly and pressed her against him, making her wounds hurt a bit more. "Believe me, I think they did, in a way. He told me something..." she swallowed hard. "Something I'll have to tell you later," she whispered. She pulled back and looked at Mortimus. She wanted so much to run to him and hug him, apologize, everything she could, but with her brother there she couldn't really do that. She smiled at him before looking back at her brother, "I suggest we get out of here...one of the mages told me Grace told you to go to a cave? We should probably go there and figure out what to do next."
1st-Feb-2007 02:47 am (UTC)
(Crap, I forgot to tell you something else.

What Brittany and I thought could happen is you could have Mortimus and Icthus quickly reunite with Keaira, and then have them go to the cave that Grace told Icthus to go to, and Grace and the other mages will meet them there.)
2nd-Feb-2007 10:32 pm (UTC)
(Works fer me)
2nd-Feb-2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
(o____o Guess I'll get them going toward the cave, then. -Poke- you still on? GET ON AIM, DAMN IT.)
6th-Feb-2007 10:11 am (UTC)
Val remained silent for the duration of the capture. Daine didn’t even come to mind until a ruckus broke out by the captives. The heat intensified as he marched towards the mages, and the frown behind his mask was felt by each soldier and mercenary who happened to get in his way. Anger burned in his eyes. Malfalcone had wanted him by his side during the interrogation of Mortimus, and told the First advisor that his guards were well enough equipped to deal with the mages.

As he reached the edge of the clearing, that, apparently, was not the case. The mages had broken loose of their bonds and were now assaulting the guards in an attempt to escape. The sight infuriated the usually calm half-elf, more on the fact that he had been unable to prevent the uprising rather than the fact that it happened. He would have been able to keep the mages sustained instead of playing lapdog to Malfalcone.

His pace intensified as he strode closer to the uprising and the robe he wore to cover the war harness dropped unceremoniously to the ground. He knew that the mages were organized, but in the chaos of his own units, he could not target a leader. In response, he put himself in the fight, pushing through his own lines to find the enemy. That was the only distinction now, ally and enemy. Nothing else mattered.

His own gifts ran into the mages, as they attempted to deal damage to the ungifted around them. The air filled with phantom blades, sharper than any steel and more accurate than the finest archer’s arrow. The earth protected him, casing his body in a granite shell that could easily withstand the force of a simple fireball. However, his magic use was limited because of the hatred his king had toward the mages, and every move he made was subtle. But even with his vaunted powers, he was only one man, and could not take the force of organized mages assembled before him on his own. He needed to make an example of someone.

His sources had already informed him that their leader, Icthus, had fled the scene, along with his ‘sister’ Keaira. He knew of only one other leader in their faction, the fiery gypsy whom he had battled in the temple. But she was just a fire mage, and he had the ability to amplify his voice over the entire battlefield, rather than just one section of it. He could use the information to his advantage. ((wow, haven't had to use that symbol in a while))
6th-Feb-2007 10:12 am (UTC)
With a new purpose, a tendril of air snaked its way through the throng of people, and like it’s movement, struck just as quickly. Valadar Tyreal had finished playing this game, and his not-so-subtle lack of emotion for the mages made his target all the sweeter. A young girl, no more than 14 summers young, was pulled through the crowd, lifted by her neck to where Val was standing. Even to close observers, it appeared the First Advisor had simply snatched the woman by the neck and pulled her to him.

A steady hand brought one of his beloved trench knives to her throat and his voice rang out over the field. It carried all of the hatred and anger attached to his intent, and even the king’s soldiers who had made their way to fight with the first advisor were taken aback at its sound.

“Why do you fight!” he roared over the sounds of battle. “Your leader, the great Icthus, has fled and left you to feed the carrions. Even now we have scouts tracking him down. Why go on? Are you willing to die for a man who would so freely abandon his sect? Your gifts make you strong, but we are many! As long as there is a man standing with me, you all will die, and your bodies will litter the ground you stand on! Give up. There is nothing more for you here other than death.”

He said these words with the girl he had lifted into the air. “And still, if you continue to fight, this one will die. She is young, beautiful. Would you sacrifice her for your own miserable existence? To me, she is just another casualty, but what is she to you? And even your leader is not here to save her life.”

The trench knife traced it’s way along her arm, leaving a small trickle of blood to run down to her fingertips. She let out a scream, as much as he would allow with his hand clamped tight around her neck. The look in her eyes was terrifying, pure horror at what someone of his caliber could truly be capable of. The grin beneath his mask was wicked, and his eyes were emotionless. “Now, you can make a choice. Life?” he said, drawing another mark across her arm, adding to the flow of blood to the ground, “or Death.”
(Deleted comment)
7th-Feb-2007 06:10 am (UTC)
Valadar laughed as the gypsy approached, mocking the sediments she so bluntly brought to bear. “Weak. That’s cute, gypsy. But this isn’t a story where I do exactly what you expect of me. Words are weak, words mean nothing without the power behind them. And you have no power.”

Letting the girl drop to the ground, he turned to face Grace, his hand still clamped tightly around the girls throat. “I do admit I’m surprised you are still here. I thought you would run off with your cowardly commander and leave these people, your people, to the meat grinder. Still, it is no matter. Now you get to make their decision for them.”

With a violent pull, Val brought the young girl closer to him. Without taking his eyes from Grace, he spoke to the girl, his voice quiet, but loud enough to allow the gypsy to hear him. “Tell me girl, what is your name?”

Her voice waivered, trembling as she spoke, “Quinne.”

“Thank you Quinne.”

Bringing the knife to her throat, he returned his attention to Grace, “Well now gypsy, it seems young Quinne here is at your disposal. Will you and your mages throw down arms and surrender, or will the killing start with her?” His eyes left no doubt that his was not an idle threat.

It was then he heard the voice calling his name through the crowd. He almost smiled beneath the mask he wore, but it wasn’t worth the effort. With his head, he motioned to four of the guards standing near him. “She is one of ours, don’t hurt her, but don’t let her near here. Pull as many others as you deem necessary to keep her away. I will deal with her later.”
(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
7th-Feb-2007 04:34 am (UTC)
Keaira, Icthus, and Mortimus had made their way toward the cave fast enough, saying very little to each other. There was a lot that she wanted to say to the both of them, but she couldn't, especially to Mortimus with Icthus there.

When they finally entered the cave, Keaira sat down on the cold cave floor, leaning back against the wall. She looked at Icthus, swallowing hard. "Icthus, there's something you need to know, and I might as well just come out and say it." She looked at Mortimus. He should've been able to hear the horrible truth that the king had told her from where he had been, though perhaps not. "The king told me something while I was being interrogated...he said that...well, I'm his sister. And I don't mean by adoption through you. He didn't really explain it, but he said I looked like his- your- mother, and..." Her gaze was held to the floor, waiting for his and Mortimus's reaction.
8th-Feb-2007 10:36 pm (UTC)
He could tell before that she was feeling anxiety, but the revelation appeared to have made a greater impact than he might have expected. He set his mouth grimly. So the truth was out...for all of them.

"I know," he said quietly. Seeing the perplexity on her face, he added, "at least, I suspected. I never knew my mother very well. But I have seen likenesses of her and you do...very much remind me of her. I had thought, possibly, it was a coincidence or a sign from the gods. But, as time went on, I was less sure."

The mercenary had taken up a guardian position at the mouth of the cave, pulling his mask up to his eyes, but Icthus caught the hunter's gaze flickering to them. Icthus smiled as warmly as he could manage for his sister. "This changes nothing," he said strongly. "It only means we are tied more closely than we had imagined. You are still my Kea; perhaps more so, now, if you like, but still..."
8th-Feb-2007 11:09 pm (UTC)
Keaira listened to her brother, looking up at him as he spoke. She gave a small smile back to him. It was a lot to take in at once. It meant that she was the sister of the man she wanted to see dead for not only making her life miserable but for torturing Mortimus as he had. It also meant...

"This makes me...a princess. By birth," she said. "I can't be a princess. I wasn't raised to be one...I wasn't even raised by anyone, really. I'm not the royalty type," she continued. She pulled part of her sleeve back to reveal one of the cuts she'd gotten from fighting the bounty hunter and winced. It was bloody and if she didn't get it wrapped soon, it wouldn't be pretty. But they had no medical supplies, so she would have to wait. She allowed her eyes to move over to Mortimus next. She wanted to talk to him, to apologize, something, but she couldn't, at least not yet.
8th-Feb-2007 11:57 pm (UTC)
"There's more to royalty than acting the part," Icthus replied. "It's not something you're raised to be, you just are. Royalty is in the spirit, and if there's one thing I'm sure you have, Kea, it's spirit." He chuckled. "Not like we'll probably have to worry about it, anyway. I doubt that the Remonians would accept either of us regents of their kingdom after Malfalcone. Especially since we'll be the ones to kill him."

Mortimus remained crouching at the mouth of the cave; he sniffed. "Where's the rest of them?" he growled. "It won't take the Remonians long to discover that we're here."

"Nevertheless," Icthus pointed out, "we have to remain until Grace and the others find us. We have an advantage that the soldiers will have to bottle themselves up in the mouth of the cave to reach us."
9th-Feb-2007 12:07 am (UTC)
(-Pokes- what're the chances of you getting on AIM at some point tonight? I have an idea for what could be an awesome future scene, and I want to discuss it with you.)

"Remonia will be chaotic once Malfalcone is killed. They'll need to have a new leader, or they'll be killing each other. There's got to be someone who could convince them that there are other heirs to the throne outside of Malfalcone. Someone to convince them that you're the rightful king," Keaira replied, looking back at Icthus. It was strange how she was accepting this news of who she was so quickly, but it helped that it wasn't completely bad. Since she was sixteen or so, Icthus had been her foster family, and now she knew that he was her family, by blood.

She looked over to Mortimus and stood slowly, walking toward him. She didn't say anything for a moment, not letting her eyes make contact with his. If she did, she would surely want to do or say something that she couldn't do in front of her brother. She wasn't ready for it yet.

"Can we talk?" she asked softly. There were many things she needed to say to him, and she knew that while they were on the run they'd have little opportunity to do so.
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