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it beats inside
Hinnand & Whoever

Some people would call Nand oblivious, or apathetic. It was true, he was hardly invested in 'his people' or his family, or really anything of much. He did what he wanted and did what pleased him. At the moment, what pleased him was getting a drink and avoiding 'home'. Home being the place he was expected to be as opposed to the place he wanted to be.

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((sorry that I suck >_>))
24th-Mar-2006 10:15 am(no subject)
it beats inside
Kith & Whoever....

If anyone had just been observing they wouldn't notice the lean hunting cat making its way across the border of Remon and Yalin. If they had been observing they might notice the black cat, which had slowed from a full out run to a lazy trot. They might see the injured shoudler and the irritation written all over the cat's body.

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13th-Mar-2006 07:12 am - Yalin - Royal Palace
Arrin was still in the courtyard, making his way through the remaining vendors and chatting with a few people who were brave enough to approach him. Those who knew who he was, and were residents of this area were pleased to speak with him, those who didn't know who he was saw him as interesting because of his clothing. He was slowly making his way back to the palace when one of his guards jogged up to him, "Your Majesty, you need to take a look at this," the panting guard held out a ragged piece of paper.

Arrin took the paper from him and pulled it open. He read what it had to say, his eyes narrowing with each new line, "What is this about?" He demanded when he'd finished reading.

"A notice the Magistrate had placed across the country, your Majesty," the guard said softly.

"Across, you say?" Arrin frowned heavily, folding the paper and slipping it under his cloak. "And just what is this service he is calling for?"

"I dare not guess, your Majesty."

"Where is he then?"

"I do believe he is at a bar at the capital."

"I see, then that is where I shall be."

"Your Majesty! I could send some men to retrieve him." The guard was not too keen on the idea of their king running off on his own.

"Do I look old and feeble? I am more than capable of retrieving him on my own, besides, I wish to see if he has found himself any candidates. Saddle my horse, and tell YeShau that I wish him to accompany me." Arrin glanced about the courtyard but YeShau, an exotic member of his personal guard, was not nearby. "Hurry," he added as an afterthought.

The guard ran off, his boots and pieces of his outfit clinking together as he moved. Arrin adjusted his robes and stalked up to the Palace. Aelyn was not far, and if he rode swiftly he could be there before nightfall. Of course, this meant being in a bar late in the day when most men were already more than drunk enough to cause trouble. He wasn't too concerned, but he was glad he wasn't wearing his best clothes. He took the front stairs two at a time, the two men guarding the front entrance swung the doors open for him as he approached.

Two hours later he was on his mare, YeShau at his side.

"To the capital then, YeShau," Arrin smiled at the dark man beside him.

YeShau nodded but spoke not a word. In all the years Arrin had known him, he had never spoken. Arrin suspected he was mute, or just disinclined to speak. Either way, it was immaterial because YeShau knew how to get emotion across when it was needed and that was really all that was important.

Together they headed out for the capital.

((OOC: Sorry if this sucks. I've struggled for days with what to write... I'm a little lost, I have to admit. Sorry guys.))
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