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concentus_ooc is the main Livejournal community for a role play being created by four people. If you wish to join this role play, this is the main community you should join first.

The Storyline

In the land of Remon, mages are outcasts. Anyone born with a magical ability is thrown out, if they are lucky. Most are killed at child birth, so their numbers are few. It’s ‘unnatural’ say most, but these dying infants have no choice. Sometimes a mother will have a child in the forest, or a cabin, and save her child by sending them to neighboring countries. Most of these children grow up with hatred though, and plots for revenge. They could have had a normal life, grown up like normal children, but they were raised by alien families, before finally leaving.

In Yalin, hidden from the eyes of either ruler, a group is forming. A mage has formed a group of those willing to get revenge on the country that so wronged them because of what they are. They have managed to gain a few members of Yalin, using their strength with weapons rather than their magical ability. They have trained themselves in magic by reading old books, and train the children that are sent away. They plan to take down Remon, and ruin it as the country has ruined their lives.

The ruler of Remon is not evil. Mages have always simply been seen as evil, given the gift of demons and should not be meant to walk on the same soil. The man who pushes this bad image on the mages is Valadar, the King's advisor, who is secretly a sorcerer. Not even the King knows this about his advisor. No one dare associate themselves with the demons because of this, save the brave few from Yalin, and maybe a number of stragglers from Remon. They want their freedom back, they want their rights, and they plan to reach this goal using any means possible.

Legend states that there is a group of powerful Elemental magic users on a far away island. It is the hope of this group of mages who call themselves the Osia that this group of Elementals will be able to help defeat this king once and for all and they will be given back what is rightfully theirs- their freedom, their families, and a place where they do not have to look over their shoulder wondering who is watching them from the shadows.

The Rules

  • You must apply to join by going here. It is suggested that you join the OOC community first before joining the other two communities (concentus_world and concentus_plots, especially if you haven't talked to jediknightmuse ahead of time.) Once you have been approved, you will have access to posting in the community. Please take a few minutes to fill out the OOC (out of character) and IC (in character) information that you’ll find below and post it in the community. After you have joined concentus_ooc please join concentus_world where we'll be RPing and concentus_plots where members can post their ideas for storylines.

  • If you wish to play a needed character, you will be able to find a list of them here. If you find one that you are interested in, please fill out the information which you can also find below and post it in this community. If the character is the daughter/sister/etc of someone elses character, it is up to you to either contact me, jediknightmuse and find out how to contact the other person or look for their character information post and contact them.

  • No fighting in any way other than in character. If you take OOC arguments into an IC setting, action will be taken. Mixing out of character with in character settings is idiotic and will not be tolerated. We will have a three strikes rule. Once you’ve had three strikes, you will be banned from the community.

  • The limit of characters you can play is now four. On rare occasion, we will allow you to play at least six if you feel you can handle it and you have permission from the moderators. Otherwise, the moderators will be NPCing characters.

  • You must pagraph role play. You will be able to find examples of good, bad, and awesome paragraph posts here. Your posts should be in third person (he, she, they, them), in present or past tense (is, will, now or was, did, has).

  • Because we have so few members, it is critical that you participate as much as possible. If you are not sure what to do with your character, contact one of the moderators. You can email jediknightmuse at AWritersFantasy@gmail.com or concentusadmin@gmail.com.

  • To prove that you’ve read the rules, please place "We stand together in unity, though in reality we stand apart” in your LJ-cut for your application.

  • This community is for original fantasy role playing. This means swords, knights, dragons, elves, magic, etc exist in the world this role play takes place in. If you try to combine any fandoms (Star Wars, Spider-Man) or modern day technology (phones, cars, motorcycles- ANYTHING that they wouldn’t have had in the medieval ages; think Lord of the Rings) with this RP, it will NOT be tolerated. You will be given another chance to change whatever it is about your character that goes against the rules.

  • When you fill out your application, please consider things such as: the storyline of the role play, what your character’s background is (especially if it’s a main character), the species, abilities, and anything else you can think of. Think of everything that goes along with good character development.

  • We will mainly be posting in concentus_world and will not have any role plays in chat. If you find another member (or more) online and would like to role play, you can do so in IM or a chat but you must post the transcript in the World community.

  • You must use an LJ cut for your application. If you do not know how to use one, it’s <*lj-cut text="We stand together in unity, though in reality we stand apart”*>, and take out the *. To close it, use <*/lj-cut> again, take out the *.

  • When making an in character post more than a paragraph long, you MUST use an LJ cut so you do not make people have to scroll on the main page of the community.

  • Our thoughts on role playing the sex out: we WILL NOT tolerate it. If you want to have your character be pregnant, you need to make a post in this community concentus_ooc telling us that your character is going to be pregnant so that any characters interacting with yours know that she’ll be pregnant. We will then skip a couple of weeks and the character will be pregnant.

  • Absolutely NO God Moding will be allowed. Anyone who tries to do this will be banned immediately.

  • 8/19/06 NEW RULE: The moderators of this role play have the right to take up to a week's time to respond to applications because of real life obligations. If a moderator is in need of more than a week, they will let you know as soon as they can. We will count a week from the day the applicaion is posted as one week.
  • 10/8/06 NEW RULE: We've decided that we will allow those who have had at least a month's worth of playing in a fantasy role play to apply to play in the game. For those who have no experience in role playing in a fantasy game, you will be required to play in a small trial game with either of the mods before we allow you to apply to play in the game.
  • We reserve the right to add to or change any of these rules at any time.

    Other Guidelines
    Note: just because we call these "guidelines" it does not mean you can get away with breaking any of them, especially things such as using chat speak.

  • If you have any ideas for plots to be used in the role play, please go to concentus_plots and post your ideas there.

  • Character research: if your character is going to have some sort of magical ability, it is preferred that you at least know –something- about those abilities. The moderators will be coming up with resources that members are more than welcome to use. If you have any to add, please contact one of the mods with the links.

  • Using shorthand (o mgz lol u rock kk) is NOT allowed and will not be tolerated, especially in IC posts.

  • Creativity is a must, but extreme story lines must be posted in OOC or Plots community for mods approval.

    The Application

    The following is the application for this role play. Once you have applied to join and have been approved, you must post this application in this community. DO NOT POST IT IN THE IN CHARACTER COMMUNITIES OR THE PLOT COMMUNITY. Once you have posted, a moderator will come and tell you whether or not you’re in, based on your application. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to join the other communities.

    OOC Information IC Information
    Communities to Join

    concentus_plots - Kick around ideas to share with other members

    concentus_world - General interaction between kingdoms

    You MUST JOIN these communities AND friend them. If you do not friend them, you will not be able to see the updates from any of the communities. PLEASE do this.

    Important Links

    Storyline Rules and Guidelines Application FAQs